Knowledge is power when only used.


We are 3 close friends who know each other for a long time. While working at different areas, every one of us has gained a unique experience.We have been inspired by everything we saw and every single person has opened another window in our lives. Consequently we managed to observe life from a different perspective. Through the years we have changed and evolved by embelishing ourselves. As young entreprenuers, we are committed to use all the experince we have gained in our professionel lives for the public good and make it a knowledge pool.

Now we plan to bring together aurothers who makes a difference in life with the people who crave for knowledge and ideas. Our friendship motivated us and free thinking has strengthen our ties. The Voice of Era idea came to life with free mind belief which is our common philosophy. Our common belief is that thoughts make life more meaningful. We set sail to reveal the echo of reality.


After graduating high school in İstanbul, he went to Ankara to study Tourismn and Management at Bilkent University. After working in the tourism sector for a short period of time, he has moved to New York to study Business Journalism.

Cem Seymen has studied Political Economy at City University of New York and Broadcast Journalism at NYU. During his stay he has attended professional seminars at ABC, CBS and NBC. He has also worked for Turkish Consulate General in New York for 6 years. When he returned to Turkey he started working at BRT Television as a Business Correspondent

Cem Seymen’s big passion has always been journalism along with literature. He has decided to go back to school once again in order to study English Literature. He has been awarded masters degree with the thesis “The traces of colonialism in Joseph Conrad’s novels”

He has working at CNN Turk for 12 years now as a Business Editor and Producer. He has his own weekly show and also presenting live business news every day.


Buket Durmuş, upon completion of her Tourism and Hotel Management studies, settled in New York for further studies on Travel Management. She has experienced extensively on global travel and vacation implementations. For this, along with her IATA, International Air Transport Association Certificate she has been educated on travel agency administration and management. During this period she has attended Baruch College for IDP Leadership Certificate program.

She has established Section Tourism in 1995 and became an IATA member. She has been declared as Information Manager from Culture and Tourism Ministry in Turkey.

She has also became a member of TURSAB (Turkish Travel Agency Association) and APJC (IATA’s mutual council program) Along the way she has improved innovative methods in order to ease to overcome difficulties in the sector and find solutions by observing closely the needs.

In 2008 she has contributed in establishing İstanbul foot of the Business Professional Women (BPW) supported by United Nations and became a member of Kagider (Women Entrepreneurs Association of Turkey) in 2011. While working with Kagider she had the privilege to work with Weconnectinternational and she became the first certified member in Turkey. She has been awarded 2012-2013 Enterprising of Women in Fort Lauderdale.


After graduating from English High School, Burcu Baç has studied architecture at İstanbul Technical University. She later worked with an international company for two years and then went to Florence for her masters degree on Interior Design. Upon completion of her studies, Burcu returned to Turkey in 1999 and started working for Polimeks Construction. She worked at the company for 12 years as a Coordinator. During this time she also lived in Russia and Turkmenistan for some large scale projects. In 2011 she left Polimeks Construction to pave a way to a different direction on her career. She established her own company, Le Due Event & Entertainment and organised many corporate events.

She has been an active member of BPW İstanbul (Business and Professional Women) in 2011

She speaks fluent English,Italian and intermediate French, Spanish and Russian


Our unique journey's aim is to bring brilliant people who makes a difference with their success stories together with society. We expect to learn while enlightening. The common ground that supports our mission is ENTHUSIASM

Although we live in a technology age, reaching knowledge is not always as easy as it seems. Therefore we enjoy bridging the people who lived extraordinary lives with a story to tell with the interested and adventurous audience that longs to be inspired.


We believe that women play a very important role in freeing minds. Both socially and professionaly women today experience the hardship but perfectly aware of reality of the new world. Women simply want to live in societies where equal rights and justice exist together. This conference will shed light to belief that this dream could actually happen.


Women have been granted social and public rights long before western countries
Civil Code has been recognised in 1926 at Turkish Parliament
Turkish woman has gained suffrage in 1930


Improvements in social life can only be achieved by accepting women’s vital role in society. Woman has always been the role model in Ottoman Empire.
With this reality we believe that it is only natural to organise this conference in istanbul, where woman has left her trace many centuries ago.


In the history of İstanbuI the role of women has always been extremely important. From family life to state governing , society has felt the power of women. and yet, this "power “ was the secret in town. Women, in our understanding were unable to gain position in the society but their footsteps were everywhere imaginable. From different cultures, different backgrounds, different ages, different education, women lived all together. this has always been the most critical milestone in the history of Ottoman Empire and newly estabilised Turkish Republic. Thus, it is never a coincidence that the first woman composer Kassia born in 810 left her footsteps in this land.
The story of existence of women continues in İstanbul with a larger scale. The sound of footsteps of women will be best heard in İstanbul with all these apparent reasons.

"Glass ceiling is cracked, but not yet broken."